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We do not instruct a surveyor until they have passed an assessment of skills, in line with National Occupational Standards, and hold the Level 4 Diploma in Home Inspection or the Level 6 PSSB Diploma in Residential Surveying (and Valuation).

All surveyors you contact through this site are registered with the Surveyors and Valuers Accreditation (SAVA) Scheme - this means that they undergo rigorous quality assurance, and there are clear complaints procedures in place to protect you.

The surveyor will give you an objective opinion about the condition of the property. They even have some knowledge of property law which, although they cannot give advice, does allow them to flag up legal issues (such as planning permission or boundaries) and any risks to the property or people (such as flooding and fire safety).

Tony Swainston - Qualified SAVA Building Surveyor

"I am a 52 year old qualified building surveyor in the south of England. I set up my own practice in 2005. As a father to three girls, I manage to balance this responsibility with my other job of chief school run taxi driver.

My career started in 1979 as an apprentice carpenter making tea on a building site, a skill I still have to master. After joining my father’s company as a Building Surveyor and Estimator for a few years, I decided to follow my entrepreneurial instincts and started up a building company. As Managing Director both undertaking and overseeing the estimating and surveying in the office, I was responsible for increasing the turnover of just over £100,000 in the first year to £1.5m, 11 years later.

I now work as a full time qualified and accredited Building Surveyor and Home Inspector currently providing Building Surveys, Home Condition Surveys, specific defect reports and Energy Performance Certificates."

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Buying a property can be very stressful. Decisions involving huge amounts of money, technical information, legal wrangling, and deadlines all demand your attention and most of them are outside your control or experience. The feeling of uncertainty can be overwhelming. We recognise that feeling!

Investing in a Home Condition Survey will reduce at least part of the anxiety. Be confident that your new home is not a nightmare in disguise because a trained and audited professional has thoroughly examined every nook and cranny, followed up every suspect symptom, and assessed the work you will need to do to keep the place in good condition.

"A good report and money well spent. I will definitely be referring the surveyor's details onto friends, family and relatives who may be purchasing a property soon."