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A home is probably the most expensive purchase you will ever make, so make sure it's a sensible one. Investing in a Home Condition Survey (HCS) helps you to understand the pluses and minuses of your potential purchase - and can save you thousands of pounds later down the line.

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What is a Home Condition Survey?

A Home Condition Survey is a plain English, jargon-free report on the condition of the property. It will be carried out by a specially trained and fully qualified residential property surveyor and will show up anything that needs urgent attention, or is likely to present future problems. It will also highlight any exceptional maintenance that you will have to take into account.

My bank is doing a survey - isn't that enough?

Your mortgage lender will usually require a valuation report, but these are not the same as the Home Condition Survey. The lender isn't going to live in the property, and a valuation report is designed around their needs, not yours. It will not contain all the information you need to make an informed decision such as Site Map - Page 1.
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We estimate that a house survey could save you thousands of pounds.

Make an informed decision; book your home condition survey today.
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Be confident of the condition of your new home

Our Home Condition Surveys start from £300

Be informed, get a survey!

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Buying a property can be very stressful. Decisions involving huge amounts of money, technical information, legal wrangling, and deadlines all demand your attention and most of them are outside your control or experience. The feeling of uncertainty can be overwhelming. We recognise that feeling!

Investing in a Home Condition Survey will reduce at least part of the anxiety. Be confident that your new home is not a nightmare in disguise because a trained and audited professional has thoroughly examined every nook and cranny, followed up every suspect symptom, and assessed the work you will need to do to keep the place in good condition.

"A good report and money well spent. I will definitely be referring the surveyor's details onto friends, family and relatives who may be purchasing a property soon."